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Go 2 Hell Bags


The cutest and raddest bags you’ve ever sEEN!
These beauties are made from custom printed fabrics of patterns all completely designed and hand drawn by me! The denim is a thick and high quality fabric which is printed with the most beautiful vibrant inks. The frill is a soft linen fabric, hand pleated by me.
There are two bags up for sale,
1. The first has all three custom denim fabrics, with the white hybrid denim and black angel 666 denim on the front and Cute as Hell fabric on the back. This one has pink ribbon detailing and fluffy straps.
2. The second has the Cute as Hell print and black angel 666 print. This one has blue ribbon detailing and fluffy straps.
The only other difference is the placement of the print on the fabric.
Both of these beautiful bags has been completely handmade by me, each element has an incredible amount of love in it, I promise!
Each bag measures:
Width: 48cm (includes frill)
Length: 38cm (base of frill to dip of heart top)

Wash instruction: Please hand wash this item, look after it and it will last forever! You will receive a care card with you purchase too.
Thankyou for visiting my shop it truly does mean the world!

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