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Clothing Questions:

❀ How often do you have clothing shop updates? Usually every 2/3 weeks! I try to always have a date in my Instagram bio for the upcoming one.

❀ Is your clothing unisex? Yes yes yes and YES! I believe anyone can wear anything they like! 

❀ Are your pieces machine washable? Every order comes with a care instruction card so you know exactly how to care for your piece. Most of my items are machine washable, however if I use a printed denim the piece will need to be hand washed.

❀ Do you only make one of each piece? Generally for my sweaters yes, I love the idea of each piece being completely unique, I re-do designs but I’ll tweak them/use different colours etc.

❀ Do you take custom orders? I currently am not taking custom orders, if I open slots up ever I will put all info on my Instagram.

❀ What sizes do you run? My sweaters run S-3XL currently, I am always working to expand this. In terms of my other clothing pieces, I am learning as I go to sew and create one off pieces, this means every piece is a different, unique size but I always upload specific measurements on every listing. 

Shipping Questions:

❀ Do you ship worldwide? Yes! 

❀ How long does international delivery take? Honestly it varies so much so I couldn’t say for sure, it can be between 10 - 40 days.

❀ Do you do tracked delivery? All clothing orders are tracked end to end! Print/Sticker orders are all standard delivery. 

❀ My order is lost what do I do? Please email me if you suspect this has happened! I am always here to help resolve this. 

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