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Tattoo Tokens

£5.00 - £40.00

Do you want one of my drawings tattooed?! That’s FREAKIN’ RAD!! This is listing is completely optional, of course you don’t have to pay but I would truly appreciate it! This is a pay what you can/want type listing, you choose how much you’d like to pay for the design you are using! This is NOT a custom draw listing, I do not draw people tattoos.
More importantly than paying me, PLEASE credit me in any posts you make about the tattoo, I’d love love love to see them even if you haven’t paid, I just wanna see the sick tattoo!
If your tattooist needs written permission to use one of my designs please just message me and I can sort that too!
Buying this listing you will receive a confirmation email that you have paid for a design, some tattooists will like to see this before tattooing you.
Finally, just so you know, getting one of my drawings tattooed means you are forever part of the loafy goblin crew and if any battle commences you have to be on my side!!
Happy tattooing, I can’t wait to see what you guys get!

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